Whiten your teeth with Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips

I’m going to talk about my experience with whitening my teeth. I’ve always been self-conscious about my smile. For many years, I’ve had braces on my teeth. They did the job, my teeth are straight now. But, wearing my braces for many years, got them to be yellowish. I didn’t like my smile when I wore braces and stopped from fully smiling, you know, with my teeth. I was a little bit disappointed because of this and I wasn’t confident because my teeth were yellow.

For a few years, I tried a few tips from the internet. Of course, the hygiene was very good, I used a drugstore product, I can’t remember the name but it didn’t do anything. Besides this I tried using salt or bicarbonate. In the end I just accepted that some people just have this kind of genetics or it has something with the use of antibiotics in a young age, I’m not sure. Then, I got very busy and I couldn’t function if I didn’t drink at least two coffees a day.



Studying, working, taking care of my children, it was a lot for me. I had to keep my energy up, in order to get everything done. I didn’t smoke, I have never had a cigarette, but I did drink red wine occasionally. Also, I developed another bad habit, drinking a lot of cola. So, my poor teeth got even yellower. I went to visit my parents, I was so happy during that week, I haven’t seen them in so long, so I had the biggest smile. But when I saw the photos, I wasn’t pleased.

Like almost every person nowadays, I hit the internet for information. So, I found Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effects – Teeth Whitening Kit 20 Treatments. I didn’t trust this, but I thought that I should try it. I had to go to an event and I wanted to be confident. You know, the best accessory is your smile.

I bought the product. It arrived very fast, no problems. This should be used on natural teeth, because it doesn’t work on porcelain teeth, for example. Of course, you can’t use it if you have braces on. It contained small sheets, that had the strips (enough for 20 days). The ones for the upper teeth were longer and the ones for the lower teeth were shorter. I read the box, it said that I should keep them on for 30 minutes. I was a little afraid not to damage my teeth, because besides the colour, I liked that they were healthy.

So, the first day, I went to the mirror and applied them. They tasted specific, I’m not sure how to describe it, but it wasn’t a bad taste. Got into the shower, did my morning routine and then I got them out. The thing that I have to mention is that I thought that I should swallow my saliva, I wasn’t sure that it’s ok for me, because of the substance on the strips. Like I said, I took them off, throw the stripes in the toilet, spit the saliva out. I cleaned my mouth with warm water. From my experience with this product, you shouldn’t brush your teeth immediately after using the strips. I believe that the teeth are too sensitive for this.


After a few days, my teeth began to hurt a little.  So, I used Sensodyne, my husband uses this toothpaste and it made my teeth feel better. After a week, magic! My teeth got visibly whiter! I was sooo excited. Of course, I was all smiles, just like I wanted. It actually does the job. I didn’t use all 20 days, because, to be honest with you, I got bored. There were days when I was in a rush and I didn’t have time to put them on. Once I got the result I wanted, I wasn’t that involved in the process. I maintained the routine of taking care of my teeth, brushing them, flossing and the mouthwash.




I can say that I am very pleased with the product. At the time that I am writing the review, it has been 2 years since I used the stripes. I haven’t used them since. But my teeth remained white! I went to a dentist last month and she complimented my teeth for being the whitest colour on her chart. I tried not to drink coffee as much as I did in the past, I didn’t want to get them stained and it was bad for my health. It’s bad to drink cola, I reduced the quantity and I use a straw to drink, also, to maintain the white. If I ever feel the need to get my teeth whiter again, I will most definitely use it again.

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Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review

I had a lot of troubles with my skin, I had oily skin, pimples. Last year, my skin began to get really dry, almost it hurt and my hair was dry and fair.

I tried to change the products, I bought different face creams, foundation for dry face, but my face still kept being very dry, peeled, the foundation looked very bad. I even went to a dermatologist and she gave me all these expensive face creams, and frankly, I wanted something better and affordable.

I talked to one of my friends and she suggested that I should try something more natural, mostly because, despite the creams not working, they were giving me rashes and make my skin itchy.

So I began googling and I discovered Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is used for a lot of different things, for skincare, for the hair, for cooking. I bought it and I got this container, that was very pretty.

I began using it immediately and not only that it smells amazing, it also it is delicious. I could eat it the whole box, all by myself. After using it, it was clear to me. Why didn’t I use this earlier?
It was very good for my sensitive skin, and most of all, it hydrated my skin! And it wasn’t even that expensive! It lasted me two weeks, mostly because I used it like crazy. I used it on my whole body, hair, face.
So after doing my usual make-up removal routine at night, I heated a little bit the bowl, because when it is cold, it becomes solid, and I applied it on my face and neck.

I began doing this every night. It felt good and after a few days of using it, I got the results, my face felt amazing. My skin began looking more youthful and smooth.
Even my make-up looked better and we all know how important is the condition of the skin for the outcome of the make-up. And I began using it on my hair, and it gave it theshine and hydration I needed.

I think Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a fantastic product, the quality is great and I truly recommend it.

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Beauty Food Bible Review

Beauty is something very important in our age and society, every woman wants to be beautiful no matter the age. But time, pregnancy, lack of exercise and bad eating habits always puts their marks on our appearance.

But that does not mean that you can’t strive to recover and look again young and attractive. But there are a lot of things that need to be changed.
Do this experiment and see the results: for a day eat only fast-food and drink sugar rich beverages; the nest day eat fruits, salad, some steak and drink water. At the end of each day you will feel different.

In the first day your skin will smell bad, you will feel slow, sleepy and if this sort of eating behaviour is kept as long term, your skin will be sick and dry.
But, after the second day you will most likely have more energy, feel light, happier and if kept as a long term diet your skin will look awesome and it will smell good.
If I could put all this into a single expression it will be that beauty comes from the inside. Eating right and exercising will most definitely show on the outside.


But most of us (myself included) had no idea where to start, there is no guide, no one knows the right way to stay healthy so we make mistakes. Most try the easy way (pills) or adopt a diet that is harmful (because we heard it from a friend who heard it from another friend) and we fail and feel miserable.

As I said in many of my posts, always check with your doctor before starting any diet and what I usually do is to speak with my nutritionist.
But if you don’t have time or you don’t know a good nutritionist there is always the book option. A book written by a specialist can always make the difference (especially in the wallet :)).
One such book is the Beauty Food Bible written by Tracy Patterson.


It doesn’t matter if you are inexperienced or know some healthy recipes, you will be taken from the basis, you will learn what types of food we should consume, how to make DYI masks and a lot more.
The first chapter introduces us to the superfoods. These are the foods that are commonly available from the market, like spinach and celery. Once we understand how to apply the superfoods into our diet to our advantage, it will only be a matter of time until our body shows the positive results.

The second chapter is only about the skin. In the introduction I spoke about how skin degrades as we age, because of our food, environment and stress and that there is a way to reverse this.

In this part we are presented with DYI recipes for facial masks, recipes for skin, hair and what is the most important is that you will find the ingredients in you fridge. So no more expensive creams or masks.
Basically, the Beauty Food Bible helps you choose the most tasty and healthy food for every part of the day.

Say, for example, you want a morning beverage, then the book recommends drinking green tea, or you have acne, then the book recommends just the right food to help relieve the condition, you will learn that brightly coloured fruits or vegetables contain antioxidants that protect your skin from sun damage and many other remedies and recipes that are great for your health.
At the end you will find that the Beauty Food Bible is an extensive guide to make your skin younger, feel happier, look better and be attractive.

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Protect Your Family from Toxic Products With Everyday Roots

As you can see in my other posts I like to try natural and high quality products and, as a mother of two I want to keep my kids and husband healthy and happy.
In this day and age it is easier and cheaper to eat unhealthy, it is easy to lose track of our weight and overall we are not accustomed to healthy life habits.

Every time one of my children got sick I always took them to our family doctor and she would prescribe antibiotics. What I learned a bit later was that antibiotics lower your immune system so my children would become more frail and would get sick more often.


So that was when one of my friend, who was a bit older than me and also had two kids recommended me an encyclopedia of natural home-based treatments that I could make from the products in my home.
She said that she and her family are healthier since she started using the recipes. Her skin looked a lot better and she said she didn’t have a cold in about 5 years.
I was a bit curious so I borrowed the book to try and see how it goes.


The book called Everyday Roots , written by Claire Goodall has 350 pages and was packed with 215+ simple beauty and health treatments that I could make in a short period of time from the products from my drawer.
After I came from work I spent about 30 minutes and I tried some of those recipes so I replaced some items that I would buy from the market like toothpaste, soap and shampoo.

So, after about a week I could already feel the difference in my skin and hair and even my husband and children noticed a significant improvement.
I wondered then why should I buy all those expensive products that sometimes are toxic for my body when I could make my own, chemical filled free, organic products that work?

And that was a turning point in my lifestyle. Over the years I grew accustomed to make my own organic beauty products, when one of us got a cold or a sinus infection I knew just the treatment to use so it would not lower the immune system, but strengthening it.


If you are curious about using non-conventional, holistic medicine, home made beauty products or other health related non toxic products this book actually gives you recipes with a clickable table of content. You can find natural remedies for colds, flu, heartburn, sinus infection, acne, dry hair, headaches and a lot more and the best thing about this book is its simplicity and to-the-point advices.

I know that modern days eating habits are messing our health and if you, just like me, want to be healthier then Everyday Roots Book teaches you how.

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