Beauty Food Bible Review

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Beauty is something very important in our age and society, every woman wants to be beautiful no matter the age. But time, pregnancy, lack of exercise and bad eating habits always puts their marks on our appearance.

But that does not mean that you can’t strive to recover and look again young and attractive. But there are a lot of things that need to be changed.
Do this experiment and see the results: for a day eat only fast-food and drink sugar rich beverages; the nest day eat fruits, salad, some steak and drink water. At the end of each day you will feel different.

In the first day your skin will smell bad, you will feel slow, sleepy and if this sort of eating behaviour is kept as long term, your skin will be sick and dry.
But, after the second day you will most likely have more energy, feel light, happier and if kept as a long term diet your skin will look awesome and it will smell good.
If I could put all this into a single expression it will be that beauty comes from the inside. Eating right and exercising will most definitely show on the outside.


But most of us (myself included) had no idea where to start, there is no guide, no one knows the right way to stay healthy so we make mistakes. Most try the easy way (pills) or adopt a diet that is harmful (because we heard it from a friend who heard it from another friend) and we fail and feel miserable.

As I said in many of my posts, always check with your doctor before starting any diet and what I usually do is to speak with my nutritionist.
But if you don’t have time or you don’t know a good nutritionist there is always the book option. A book written by a specialist can always make the difference (especially in the wallet :)).
One such book is the Beauty Food Bible written by Tracy Patterson.


It doesn’t matter if you are inexperienced or know some healthy recipes, you will be taken from the basis, you will learn what types of food we should consume, how to make DYI masks and a lot more.
The first chapter introduces us to the superfoods. These are the foods that are commonly available from the market, like spinach and celery. Once we understand how to apply the superfoods into our diet to our advantage, it will only be a matter of time until our body shows the positive results.

The second chapter is only about the skin. In the introduction I spoke about how skin degrades as we age, because of our food, environment and stress and that there is a way to reverse this.

In this part we are presented with DYI recipes for facial masks, recipes for skin, hair and what is the most important is that you will find the ingredients in you fridge. So no more expensive creams or masks.
Basically, the Beauty Food Bible helps you choose the most tasty and healthy food for every part of the day.

Say, for example, you want a morning beverage, then the book recommends drinking green tea, or you have acne, then the book recommends just the right food to help relieve the condition, you will learn that brightly coloured fruits or vegetables contain antioxidants that protect your skin from sun damage and many other remedies and recipes that are great for your health.
At the end you will find that the Beauty Food Bible is an extensive guide to make your skin younger, feel happier, look better and be attractive.

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