Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X Review

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Today we will check out Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X. It got my attention a long time ago and I really wanted to try it. Patience and perseverance pays off, so I got this product on my hands!


Does Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X work for you?
We are going to have the same discussion as we had previously with Philips Lumea Comfort IPL 1981. Unfortunately for girls or boys with darker skin, this device won’t work. People with medium brown, dark brown or even black skin have a risk of skin injury and ugly side effects because of the high level of melanin that their skin has. This device targets melanin in the hair and touches the skin first, so it will have a greater impact.

More bad news for natural blondes, red-heads, people with grey or with white hair, because Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X doesn’t do its best on these hair colors. They will not absorb the laser energy in order to disable the hair follicle (we are hoping for a technology that will work for darker skin colors, we will keep you updated!)


So the people with very light skin and very dark hair are in advantage with this device.
It’s very important not to use it on tattoos, dark brown skin color or on large freckles, birthmarks or moles, because it will injure your skin.
Info: Remember to check out the hair color on your body (on the targeted area you want the hair to be removed), not your hair color on your head (because, obviously, you won’t want to remove that hair).

When you look at the device from the side, you can see on the top, the display window and on the right, the treatment window. The device has a comfortable grip and I enjoy it. On the bottom is the sensor that will scan your skin and unlock the device if it’s suitable for you. And lastly, the charger socket is where you plug it in.


When we look on the display window, we see the lock feature that will disappear if, after scanning your skin, you are suitable to use it. The pulse counter will show you how many pulses you used on your treatment and will ensure coverage accuracy. The battery indicator will show you if the battery is charged or if it’s low and will pulsate if you need to charge the device. On the lower part of the display screen, you will see the skin sensor indicator (it reminds me of a wi-fi signal) and on the left, you will see the treatment level (from 1 to 5). Last, but not least, you can see the power button that you press when you start your treatment.

The battery lasts for 30 minutes and the manufacturer explains that this is enough to treat a large area (like the lower leg region or multiple small areas). Because of this little time you have to complete one treatment, you will not overlap or use it excessively.

The Technology

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X uses diode lasers and disables the hair follicle. It targets the melanin in the roots of the hair. This device is the closest to the professional laser hair removals, being FDA-cleared and safe for use at home.
Because of its technology, it is 3 times more effective than other devices that promise the same thing.

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X has 20 J/cm^2 hair eliminating energy measured in Joules per cm^2 and it uses laser, whereas the IPL devices only have 6 or 5 J/cm^2 hair eliminating energy, which means that they are not as powerful when it comes to eliminating hair.
This device uses the same core diode laser technology that is being used in professional offices.

How to use it

When it comes to all this types of devices, first, you must shave the area you want to apply it on and make sure the skin is clean and dry. It’s recommended to remove all cosmetics (lotion, deodorant). It’s very important to remember that you should not pluck, wax or use any other epilators to remove your hair in between treatments, because these remove the hair from the roots and thus, will affect the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X’ action. Also, 6 weeks before the treatment with this device, stop waxing, plucking or using skin peels and only shave.

You should use this device every two weeks and the explanation is that this time will allow the hair follicle to be at its proper stage on its growth stage and the device will work at its optimal power. To put it simpler, if you use it more often, the device will target hair follicles that are not fully grown and you will see that the hair will continue to grow and you will think that the device isn’t working.


1. When it comes to using it, you must unplug it from the battery charger. You will see the power button, just turn it on.

2. The display will show you that the device is locked. With the red light on the bottom (the skin sensor) go over the area you want. The device will scan your skin to see if it’s suitable for you. So, if your skin color is suitable for the device, you will see that the lock indicator on the display will disappear. If you don’t see this change in the display window and don’t hear a series of beeps, your skin color might not suitable for this device. You can check again, sometimes you can miss some steps.

3. Start at the lowest level and increase it depending on your tolerance. If you want to increase the level, just press the power button as many times you want to get to the level chosen by you. For the best results, try to use it at the highest level you can tolerate.

4. Then, hold it on your skin until you hear two beeps. After you hear these two beeps, place it on the next area, but try to overlap a little with the previous one.

5. Try not to move the device in between the two beeps, it will affect the quality of the treatment.


If you don’t use Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X for 3 minutes, it will turn off.
The device gives you a guide, the pulse counter guide: for upper lip (pulses: 25, for 3-4 minutes), underarms (pulses: 100 per side, for 4-5 minutes per side), bikini area (200 pulses per side for 8-10 minutes per side), upper leg (600 pulses per side, for 25-30 minutes per side) and for lower leg (600 pulses per side for 25-30 minutes per side).

The device promises you that you will get results after 3 months of treatment, but you can see the progress after each use, the hair will grow finer and finer. The device will not show you results from the first use, you must have patience to use it for at least three months.

You CAN use it on legs, arms, bikini line, underarms, feet, hands, chest, back stomach and WOMEN’s facial hair. I made sure to write this with upper case letters, because MEN shouldn’t use it on their facial hair, because their facial hair is denser and they will get a bad reaction on their skin (the skin on the face is also more sensitive). You must not use it on genitals, because these areas have a greater hair density and the skin is darker, thus can cause a very ugly skin injury. Also, if you have an open wound, it goes for say that you shouldn’t use the device on that area.

This device is recommended for people over 18 years old because the company has done studies with this group of people and don’t guarantee the effects that this device will have on younger skin. They didn’t study the results on children yet and thus, this device may cause injuries on the skin.


Will it hurt?
Some people will experience the sensation of a rubber band snapping on the skin. Other people will feel a warmth sensation. I am used to an epilator that hurts very much, so the sensation this device gives me it’s nothing comparing to what I’m used to. I feel like rubber band snapping, but it’s tolerable and it decreases with uses, mostly because there are fewer follicles of hair that are being treated. I also feel my skin being sensitive and a little red after a use, but it goes away the next day. It’s very important not to expose the skin that was recently treated to the sun immediately.

After the use
As I said, after the treatment, you might experience redness that should go away within 24 hours. There are people that will experience mild to moderate pain or discomfort during the first session of treatment, but usually, these symptoms will decrease within the next uses. Other feelings described were burning, itching, tingling, warmth, or a rubber being snapped on their skin. These should be tolerable, but if there’s anything that’s too painful, stop using the device immediately.


I enjoy the fact that the company presented a controlled study, you can read it if you want to, it’s called Permanent Hair Reduction with a home-use diode laser: safety and effectiveness 1 year after eight treatments, Wheeland R., 2012, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 44: 550-557. The conclusions showed that the diode laser is safe and effective in long-term reduction of hair.

Overall, I like this product very much, I would like for the battery to last longer, but I can understand why it lasts only 30 minutes. For some people with low tolerance to pain, it can be hard to use, there are some people who use numbing cream, especially in the sensitive areas (bikini area, underarms). And like with all products similar to this one, you must have patience; it can take up to 5 months to see the full results.

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