Remington FC1000NA Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush, Rechargeable and Showerproof Review

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Today, I want to talk about the Remington FC1000NA Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush. I think the beauty industry is in a continuous growth and development and there are new innovative products to use in order to make your skin cleaner and more beautiful.

When it comes to the design of this product, I can see that it’s not very ergonomic, but I do enjoy the fact that it doesn’t take up much space on the sink. Also, I like the color, in comparison with the Remington FC1000 Reveal (which has a gorgeous light mint color), this one is more of a purple shade, almost violet.


To be honest, I like the light mint color more that the purple one. Other than this, I can see that it’s very light (1 pound) and I enjoy the fact that that it’s very easy to take along when I travel. Remington Advanced has three heads (brushes): one you can use if you have sensitive skin (I started with that one), the second one it’s for normal skin and the third one is for a face massage. Every brush has a protection, a little see-through cap with holes in it.

I find it interesting that you can massage your face, I’ve talked about this thing in one of my previous posts, it’s very good for the skin, it keeps it smooth and healthy. It has three speeds and it makes little noise. On the left of the device, there’s one dot, while on the top and the right side, there are two and, respectively three dots corresponding to the speeds. It also lights near the speed you’ve chosen (it’s a cold, purple blue-ish color). It is showerproof, that means that you can use it in the shower (water can run on it), but you cannot submerge it entirely into water (for example, if you take a bath, you must avoid dropping it in the bathtub). So it’s not waterproof, it’s semi-waterproof I would say.
Info: While functioning, the device uses circular motions and it vibrates.


How to use it
As I said, it has three heads, one for sensitive skin, one for normal skin and one for massage. You take the one you prefer, depending on your skin (normal or sensitive), you remove the little cap and put it on the device (you must press it a little to make it secure -until you hear a little click). On the side of the device, there is a long controller which you can press towards the top or the lower side of to turn it on. If you then press the top part of the button, the speed will increase exponentially from one to three. I usually use it on the first speed and with the sensitive head.

The sensitive head is white and I like that the hair on the brush is very soft and feels great on my face. It’s enough for me to remove my face make-up (you must avoid the eyes area). My make-up removal process is as follows: I remove my eyes make-up with a cotton pad, then I wet my face and I let water run on the head of the device; afterwards I add the make-up remover on the head. Next, I press the button up and start cleaning my face. It stops after 20 seconds to let you know that you must switch it to the next area of the face (it stops for about 1-2 seconds after 20 seconds as a reminder and after 60 seconds it stops completely). The fact that it stops after 60 seconds is a downside for me, because in 100% of the cases, I have to start it again to complete my routine. I think it can be beneficial for your skin if it stops after 20 seconds.
Info: My routine usually requires 2 minutes, 2 minutes and a half.

To make sure that the make-up is completely removed, after I use Remington Advanced, I go with a micellar water over on a cotton pad to check if my make-up is properly removed and the results are usually great. The way it works the best is when you remove all your make-up and use this brush only to clean “deeper”.
You must pay attention not to push too hard on your skin, because the Remington Advanced will close on its own if you do this: it’s for a more gentle use and from my personal experience, it won’t work for a deep cleanse.

You can use it up to 30 times. I own it for about 2 months, charged it twice and used it 4-5 times a week (because I was lazy and preferred make-up wipes). It’s cordless and the battery lasts for a long time. This is awesome for a person that usually prefers something easy to use and forgets to charge it. The charger is small and you plug it and put the device on it. One complete cycle of charging takes about 6 hours. I left it overnight, but you can plug it in and go on with your day.

The head for the normal skin is prettier (I enjoy the color very much). It also has very gentle hair, but I feel it more abrasive, so I use it when I want an exfoliation more than just a cleansing. The brush is denser than the sensitive one and you can use it the same way the sensitive one is described.

The massage brush is made of a rubber material, but feels really gentle on the skin. I use a moisturizer first (NEVER use this brushes on a dry face) or even my precious coconut oil. The “good”, regenerating cells are stimulated. I used it only once or twice, but only because of my laziness.

Once you finish your routine, you clean the device with a damp cloth (not too wet) by wiping it. You can clean the brushes with hot water. I find this not extremely hygienic, I would prefer to find another way to disinfect the brushes. Instead, Remington advises us to replace the heads every three months. This is also a downside.
Overall, this is a good device for his price-range, it’s easy to use, you can see the improvement on your skin and I think it’s mostly a device for people who have sensitive skin and don’t want to use something too abrasive.

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