Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review

I had a lot of troubles with my skin, I had oily skin, pimples. Last year, my skin began to get really dry, almost it hurt and my hair was dry and fair.

I tried to change the products, I bought different face creams, foundation for dry face, but my face still kept being very dry, peeled, the foundation looked very bad. I even went to a dermatologist and she gave me all these expensive face creams, and frankly, I wanted something better and affordable.

I talked to one of my friends and she suggested that I should try something more natural, mostly because, despite the creams not working, they were giving me rashes and make my skin itchy.

So I began googling and I discovered Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is used for a lot of different things, for skincare, for the hair, for cooking. I bought it and I got this container, that was very pretty.

I began using it immediately and not only that it smells amazing, it also it is delicious. I could eat it the whole box, all by myself. After using it, it was clear to me. Why didn’t I use this earlier?
It was very good for my sensitive skin, and most of all, it hydrated my skin! And it wasn’t even that expensive! It lasted me two weeks, mostly because I used it like crazy. I used it on my whole body, hair, face.
So after doing my usual make-up removal routine at night, I heated a little bit the bowl, because when it is cold, it becomes solid, and I applied it on my face and neck.

I began doing this every night. It felt good and after a few days of using it, I got the results, my face felt amazing. My skin began looking more youthful and smooth.
Even my make-up looked better and we all know how important is the condition of the skin for the outcome of the make-up. And I began using it on my hair, and it gave it theshine and hydration I needed.

I think Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a fantastic product, the quality is great and I truly recommend it.

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A natural approach for treating vitiligo

Maintaining the series of holistic treatments, I will now talk about a holistic approach on vitiligo.
What is vitiligo?
Vitiligo is a medical disorder in which parts of the skin become discolored. It is an autoimmune disease so it isn’t contagious.
The cause of vitiligo is unknown and it is reported that about 70 million people have this disorder.
The most common areas for white patches are the armpits, around the mouth, eyes, nostrils or genitals and even inside the mouth.
The most famous people who had a chronic for of this disease is Michael Jackson.

With this facts, the first reaction for a person who sees this white patches on their body is panic and a frivolous search for a quick treatment.
Unfortunately there is no treatment that works for everyone, I know some people who got rid of vitiligo with very expensive creams used over long periods of time, while for others absolutely nothing worked.
The keywords into curing vitiligo is patience and perseverance. Everyone should know there are no quick fix solutions or magic pills when getting rid of vitiligo.
Now the questions that pops into everyone’s mind is how do we change our lifestyle, what do we have to eat, who can give me all this information. Well, the answer is simple, a nutritionist.
He can prescribe a healthy diet and can see where you have been making mistakes in you lifestyle and more.
But if your time or budget doesn’t allow you to go to fancy expensive clinics, then there you can always try to read a nutritionist’s book that explains how to cure vitiligo.
The one book that caught my attention was something that many people reviewed as being valuable and that the it really helped them get cured.


The book is named My Victory against Vitiligo: A Successful Story and a Practical Guide to Treatment, written by Xichao Mo, has 128 pages and contains different vitiligo treatments that can help people from minor to severe cases in a completely natural way.
About the author, we know he suffered from a chronic form of vitiligo so he understood the psychological impact this disease has on people. It was actually his motivation into composing this complete system for helping himself and, later being able to help other fellow sufferers.
“My Victory against Vitiligo” helps you highlight the internal causes and help you get into an individual program customized to your needs.
The goal of this program is to heal both body and mind and goes by the presumption that vitiligo is caused by a psychological disorder and body negligence.
Involving a series of steps to heal the psychological cause, helping you get rid of stress and a create a plan for body detoxification combined with a vitamin-herb combination, you only need to follow this program thoroughly to see results.

The only drawback of this treatment is that people may find it hard to develop long term management habits for vitiligo but still, having this condition most persons will be motivated to do so.
As a conclusion, the book promises to help people find relief from this disease, but not in a spontaneous way but with patience and by completely adopting a new lifestyle.

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