Protect Your Family from Toxic Products With Everyday Roots

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As you can see in my other posts I like to try natural and high quality products and, as a mother of two I want to keep my kids and husband healthy and happy.
In this day and age it is easier and cheaper to eat unhealthy, it is easy to lose track of our weight and overall we are not accustomed to healthy life habits.

Every time one of my children got sick I always took them to our family doctor and she would prescribe antibiotics. What I learned a bit later was that antibiotics lower your immune system so my children would become more frail and would get sick more often.


So that was when one of my friend, who was a bit older than me and also had two kids recommended me an encyclopedia of natural home-based treatments that I could make from the products in my home.
She said that she and her family are healthier since she started using the recipes. Her skin looked a lot better and she said she didn’t have a cold in about 5 years.
I was a bit curious so I borrowed the book to try and see how it goes.


The book called Everyday Roots , written by Claire Goodall has 350 pages and was packed with 215+ simple beauty and health treatments that I could make in a short period of time from the products from my drawer.
After I came from work I spent about 30 minutes and I tried some of those recipes so I replaced some items that I would buy from the market like toothpaste, soap and shampoo.

So, after about a week I could already feel the difference in my skin and hair and even my husband and children noticed a significant improvement.
I wondered then why should I buy all those expensive products that sometimes are toxic for my body when I could make my own, chemical filled free, organic products that work?

And that was a turning point in my lifestyle. Over the years I grew accustomed to make my own organic beauty products, when one of us got a cold or a sinus infection I knew just the treatment to use so it would not lower the immune system, but strengthening it.


If you are curious about using non-conventional, holistic medicine, home made beauty products or other health related non toxic products this book actually gives you recipes with a clickable table of content. You can find natural remedies for colds, flu, heartburn, sinus infection, acne, dry hair, headaches and a lot more and the best thing about this book is its simplicity and to-the-point advices.

I know that modern days eating habits are messing our health and if you, just like me, want to be healthier then Everyday Roots Book teaches you how.

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